Means the removal of all glands or parts of thyroid glands.

Lobectomy- part of a thyroid removed.

Total thyroidectomy- All of gland removed.  It is indicated in thyroid cancer.


Fracture Nasal Bone

It happens when you break your nasal bone or cartilage due to trauma.


Surgery - Surgeon may rearrange the bone  and cartilage to create a new nose shape and eliminate any obstruction.



Somnoplasty is a surgical treatment for snoring. It is a surgical method for reducing habitual snoring by removing or stiffening tissue of uvula and soft palate. Radiofrequency and heat energy used to burn area of soft palate, so shrinking the tissue volume, thereby reducing symptoms of snoring.


It means drain the fluid from your middle ear.

Indicated in- Ear infection bleeding hearing loss, speech delay, (in children)


Surgeon creates a tiny hole in your ear drum and drain the fluid from middle ear by placing an ear tube into the incision allowing drainage from your middle ear to continue.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Although the postoperative complications are otorrhea, tympanic membrane perforation, and tympanosclerosis there is no incidence of hearing loss after Myringotomy

Don't shake your head forcefully for 1 month. You can shower after your procedure but don't get water in your affected ear.

A thyroidectomy is a common but major surgery with serious risks and potential complications

The main indications include symptomatic benign thyroid goiter, thyroid carcinoma, and hyperthyroidism refractory to medical therapy.

In general, a fractured nose takes about three to six weeks to heal.

Potential complications after nasal bone reduction include obstructed breathing, infection, recurrent deformity, inadequate correction, asymmetry, patient dissatisfaction, and olfactory disturbances. 

Most surgeons feel that about 80% of patients who undergo a somnoplasty will have a significant reduction in their snoring at least a year or more.

The somnoplasty does carry certain risks includes swelling, dryness, bleeding, difficulty swallowing and slight postoperative pain.

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